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Auto Finance & Lease

Acquire your dream car with our lease specially designed for you.

This Product offers car loan to individuals in paid employment in the form of asset finance towards the acquisition of personal vehicle(s).
Ownership of the car bought ultimately transfers to the customer at the end of the facility tenor, subject to having met all prescribed repayment terms.

Drive your way to success with our Cab Lease Solutions specially designed for you.

The Cab hire purchase is designed and tailored made for Uber/Taxify drivers who want to own their own vehicle through the hire purchase method for use as cabs on uber, taxify. etc as a startup business.

Benefits of Auto Lease For Salary Earners

  • Very low or no contributions needed with an affordable interest rate.
  • Auto lease is available for brand new and used cars, with up to 48 months lease tenor and a flexible repayment plan.

Benefits of Cab Lease for (Uber/Bolt)

  • Immediate access to a vehicle loans.
  • Enjoy the luxury if buy now and pay later with repayment periods of up to 18 – 24 months.

Features of Cab Lease for (Uber/Bolt):

  • Lower monthly repayments Improvement in cash flow to increase productivity and competitiveness.
  • Comprehensive insurance and Tracking that covers the entire facility tenor Transparent pricing model (No hidden charges).

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